On Sunday, Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress met with the media, discussing Friday night’s game against the Colts, as well as the play of our man On The Fringe, Ian Johnson.

Childress examined Johnson’s effort, as well as fellow running back Albert Young.

“They did some good things. I thought both of them did. I thought both of them were locked into protections well,” Childress said. “I thought they took a good look at our run schemes. They got the ball up the field. So, yeah they did all you could ask.”

Childress talked more about Young’s working relationship with Johnson, saying, “He’s been great with Ian in that mentoring role, not that those other guys (Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor) haven’t, but he’s been there as a first-year guy and swimming and basically a free-agent guy. So he’s been a good mentor for him.”

Johnson rushed for 50 yards on nine carries against the Colts.