Heading into Friday’s preseason finale against the Cowboys, which will be shown live on NFL Network (8 p.m. ET), Vikings RB Ian Johnson provided a diary about this being his possible make-or-break game, with the final 53-man roster cuts coming Saturday.

Going into the big game this Friday, I can be nothing but thankful. Thankful to a lot of people: the fans at Boise State, the fans I’ve met out here in Minnesota, the fans I haven’t met, my coaches, fellow players, my family, my wife, and, of course, NFL.com and NFL Network for doing this with me.

I look back on this whole process and smile. I’ve had a great chance to put who I really am on tape. I really have a lot of good stuff on tape, and no matter what, that’s all that matters. What I put on tape is all I can control. Like all the older guys say here, who you are is what you put on tape, and what’s on tape is your audition not only for your own team but the rest of the teams in the NFL as well.

Friday night, I plan on adding one more piece to my resume. I’m going to go out there to play, to have fun and to take home a position on a team. I don’t control what team that is, but I know I have what it takes to play at this level. And I know that whatever role a head coach gives me, I will more than live up to it.