Not long after being told he would no longer play for the Giants, WR David Tyree was headed to Chuck E. Cheese with his four children.

Nothing like kids to bring you back to reality.

Also easing Tyree’s crushed emotions was the likelihood that he would be with another team by early next week. His agent, Mike Couser, has been taking calls.

“We’ve got a buzz already, so I’ll just let the dust settle and make a decision after that,” Tyree said.

The Ravens have called, and that’s the ideal landing spot for Tyree. It’s an upstanding organization, a playoff team, it needs a wide receiver, but it also wants as many good special-teams players as possible, seeing as coach John Harbaugh is a former special-teams coordinator. And though Tyree made one of the more memorable catches in Super Bowl history, he made the Pro Bowl on special teams.

Tyree’s big problem this training camp — after missing all of last season with knee and hamstring injuries — was that nagging injuries limited him to two preseason games, all but extinguishing his opportunities to make a team loaded with young wide receivers — and special teamers.

“To be released, that’s not what I desired; it’s not how I wanted to end my career,” Tyree said. “A lot of things the past 18 months haven’t gone my way. What I accomplished there was awesome. I was a part of some great football teams. It is a team that always will reside in my heart. I believe they will be a great team this year. I just hope that wherever I land, there will be more amazing things to remember.”

— Steve Wyche