RENTON, Wash. — Rickey Foley has not started as well as he wanted to, and he told me he is still struggling with some of his pass-rushing angles. Things are better now than they were when he first came to the Seahawks from the CFL, but he has a ways to go. So much so that he openly admitted that if he doesn’t dominate on special teams, he’ll probably get bounced.

Numbers wise, things aren’t stacking up in his favor right now. Chris Clemons is the starter at outside linebacker and Nick Reed is working as the backup. Foley’s athleticism is carrying him as he gets acclimated.

Foley said he’s hurt himself by trying to make too many big plays in hopes of catching the coaches’ attention, instead of doing what’s been asked and sticking to his role.

The good thing for him is that he’s gotten better with each practice and feels that his positive strides will help him turn the corner sooner rather than later. With so many new people coming and going in Seattle, Foley could really get caught up in a numbers situation. He must start to ramp things up soon and show well in preseason games.

Steve Wyche