Seahawks linebacker/defensive end Ricky Foley checked in with this blog before his first preseason game Saturday against visiting Tennessee:

So I walk out of chapel and into our facilities player parking lot after handling a few last-minute things and the power is out in the neighborhood. The lot is pretty much empty and the only light is the moon bouncing off Lake Washington’s waves just a few meters away.

And it hits me, I’m about to play in my first NFL game. Training camp has been up and down to say the least. I learned quickly that playing through my pulled hip flexor and groin was a better idea than taking any practices off. Bubble guys seem to not be around too long after a day or two of missed practice. For a guy who was brought in for his explosion and effort off the ball, a pulled hip flexor and groin accompanied by two “crater” blisters (as described by our medical staff) on each big toe, pretty much has had me looking like the complete opposite for the better part of our first week.

Fortunately, I was able to still make a few big plays on a forced fumble strip and interception for what would have been a pick 6 — the latter of which was rewarded as “play of the day.” The good news, as pointed out to me by special teams Coach Jeff Ulbrich (who also performed a highly unusual and painful, but also highly effective taping method on my blisters) is that “All that matters now is the game.”

He could tell I was disappointed in my performance so far during camp and used the reasoning that had I had the best camp of my life but [wet] the bed come Saturday night vs. Tennessee, nothing during the previous week would matter … and vice versa.

Going out to Qwest Field and balling out could also make the rest of camp a thing of the past. All I know is I hope so bad right now we win that coin toss and coach [Pete] Carroll defers. Being on first team kickoff, all I could need is just the first tackle of the season to turn things around.

Here goes nothin!