Before the haymaker to Boise State’s Byron Hout and the jab to Eric Bakhtiari during a fiesty Titans practice on Wednesday, LeGarrette Blount inadvertently punched his head coach in college, reports John Canzano of The Oregonian. Here’s how it all went down:

    Blount was carrying the football on a play that swung wide when he was met by two University of Oregon defenders. Defensive back Jairus Byrd and linebacker Jerome Boyd grabbed Blount and shoved him toward the sideline. A scuffle broke out, facemasks were grabbed, bodies tangled and then Ducks head coach Mike Bellotti hurried toward the mess, trying to break up the players. Blount threw a punch. It missed Byrd and Boyd, but caught the side of Bellotti’s face — square.

Bellotti, now an ESPN college football analyst, denied the report. Belotti told the network that the players pushed and shoved each other, but no punches were thrown by anyone.